dimanche 25 décembre 2011

Anonymous/AntiSec Attack commercial intelligence provider STRATFOR

On 24 December, the illegal computer hacking group AntiSec/Anonymous launched attacks against commercial intelligence provider STRATFOR. STRATFOR provides intelligence to a range of commercial and government customers, and has been beefing up its coverage of cyber, and specifically of Anonymous.
The site was unreachable about an hour after the original defacement, which poked fun at STRATFOR cyber operational security. So far, the group has released details on the firm’s customer list, which it made public. We understand that there is more to come from this hack.

PLI is far more concerned about the state of the classified information provided by STRATFOR to the US Government.

STRATFOR maintains separate classified and unclassified networks and information, and PLI understands that none of the STRATFOR data has been spared the attention of the hacking group. Of course, had STRATFOR placed any classified data on the server which we know has been hacked, they’d be in blatant violation of the laws of the US and of common sense, but it’s against LA SUITE