samedi 18 février 2012

Official Stresses Significance of Preparedness against Cyber Attacks

Addressing the First National Cyber Defense Conference on Saturday, Head of Iran's civil defense organization General Gholam Reza Jalali stated that 55,000 viruses are developed all around the world every day, including those which are developed to attack the national security of other states.

He stressed the significance of a strong cyber defense, and noted, "As far as the issue of cyber is concerned, it affects all areas of war in technological fields because a large number of the different technologies in the air, in space, on ground and in the sea are somehow related to cyberspace."

Underlining the importance and necessity of structuring a coherent, well-concerted and impenetrable national line of defense against foreign cyber attacks, Jalali added that 140 world countries are currently organizing and developing their cyber defense structures, while 22 others have already completed it.

Earlier this week, Jalali had stressed that Iranian experts and engineers are capable of countering enemies' cyber attacks on Iran's nuclear facilities and installations.

"Iranian experts enjoy the necessary know-how to counter cyber threats," Jalali said on Monday.

"Many viruses are produced worldwide everyday, which are monitored by (Iran's) cyber defense headquarters. So far the viruses have left no destructive impact on the country," Jalali added.

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